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What Our Customers Wanted....

We ask and our clients told us what they wanted and also what they did not like about other web services out there. And we listened.  Here are the six most requested...

#1. Cost Afordability

I know everone says thay have the best price.  Shop around and you'll find out for yourself. Compare apples to apples and we beat eveyone in the market today becouse everything is includes...  Web Design, Domain Name, Hosting, Monthly Updates, and SEO. We build your site free and with three low monthly plans to choose from is what you ask for.

#2. Website Updated

We offer free minor updated each and every month.  Just email us your changes and we will make it happen.  This is great for monthly specials, upcoming events and so much more. Other's charge you ($50 or more) per hous for this service but it's included in all of our packages.


#3. Moble and Tablet Friendly

Two of our three price plans come with moble version websites viewable on all major devices including Ipad, Iphone, Android phones, tablets, and Windows phones as well as computers. Four time as many people shop for things on moble devices than on desktop computers today.

#4. Located By Search Engines 

Our system submits your website to up-to 300 search engines including Google each and every month.  This will get you noticed and keep them updated with the latest information on your website.


#5. SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results area.  We build all of our sites with this in mind so you don't have to pay a third party company extra for this service.  This one service alone can cost as much as we charge for everything.  That's why we are the best choice in the marketplace today.

#6. Service After The Sale

Yes, the last one on the list but sometimes the most important of all.  We can be reached by email and by phone if you have questions or problems.  You will be talking to someone state-side. If we are unavailable we will contact you ASAP.  Your time and business is very important to us.

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